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永利手机在线登录The spread of COVID-19 coronavirus has continued in the past week. While more 99.1% of cases have arisen in China, disruptions to manufacturing have spread across global automotive supply chains. The autos industry had already been struggling. There was a 7.6% drop in total Japanese auto exports in December and a 5.8% slide in U.S. imports of vehicles from all countries in the same month because of falling sales. Nissan has had to cut production of the Rogue SUV in its Kyushu factory in Japan that’s normally sold into the U.S. Nissan’s total exports from Japan already fell by 10.8% year over year in December while U.S. seaborne imports linked to the firm dropped 9.2% in January compared to a year earlier. It’s not just Japanese auto firms that have been impacted. Tata’s Jaguar Land Rover factory in China has closed because of the outbreak, which may eventually choke off the surge in shipments to the U.S. by the firm which had reached 24.3% year over year in January.

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永利手机在线登录U.S. import prices excluding food and fuel fell by 0.8% year over year in January, the 13th straight decline. Imports from China fell by 1.7% with the resulting average import price index having reached its lowest since May 2007. With most tariffs set to remain in place under the phase 1 trade deal between the U.S. and China the process of burden sharing – lower import prices as exporters absorb part of their buyers’ tariff costs – is continuing. Machinery import prices from China were unchanged, ending a period of inflation, while furniture prices fell 2.3%. Prices in the apparel sector meanwhile, where tariffs were cut to 7.5% from 15% on Feb. 14, increased by 1.1%. The latter suggests burden sharing will be clawed back when tariffs are removed.

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Freight forwarder DSV Panalpina reported an organic revenue decline of 1.1% year over year in Q4. A 3.0% drop in air freight handling was to blame, which isn’t a surprise given global air freight fell by 2.5% year over year on average in Q4 according to IATA data. The outlook from DSV Panalpina is muted with an expectation of less than 3% growth in revenues for the legacy DSV business and a 5% slide for Panalpina. There are also risks as “currently the coronavirus situation is impacting global supply chains and creating uncertainty” according to CEO Jens Bjørn Andersen. DSV Panalpina has a lower-than-average exposure to China on its U.S.-inbound shipping business with 32.1% of volumes coming from Chinese ports in 2019. There’s been a 31.8% year over year slump in January, based on preliminary 永利手机在线登录 data, while its shipments from the rest of the world have also declined with a 4.2% slide in shipments from Asia ex-China and a 0.6% slip in shipments from Europe.

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Research on Politics

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永利手机在线登录The U.S. government has increased tariff rates on imports of large civil aircraft from the EU to 15% from 10% as part of a regular review of the duties imposed as part of a WTO-mediated aerospace subsidy dispute involving Airbus. The tariffs, imposed in October, may have led to an acceleration of deliveries of aircraft – imports from the EU excluding the U.K. jumped 21.4% higher year over year in Q4. Coverage of other products by the retaliatory duties, which were set at a 25% rate, are largely unchanged. Prune juice has been removed from the list and butcher knives added, but shipments of both have been minimal. That would suggest the Trump administration wanted to show the “carousel” process, which can destabilize supply chain planning, is possible but is not yet being utilized as a weapon in a putative trade war between the two. U.S. imports of food and beverages from the EU covered by the tariffs fell by 29.8% and 21.1% year over year respectively in Q4, suggesting that the tariffs have had a markedly negative effect. Among beverage manufacturers, shipments by LVMH have fallen fastest. 永利手机在线登录’s seaborne shipping data shows imports linked to the firm fell by 25.5% year over year in the three months to Jan. 31. Shipments by Constellation and Diageo fell by 14.8% and 9.0% respectively while Pernod Ricard’s bucked the trend with a 34.8% surge.

永利手机在线登录 Research, shown above, is available by reaching a 永利手机在线登录 account executive.
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